Hiring A Professional!

Many start-ups have to embark upon the entrepreneurial journey with little capital behind them. Although it has become harder to obtain loans, thanks to the banking crisis, there are now many free tools and resources available for small businesses. Naturally, this includes DIY websites and CMS (Content Management Systems) such as Weebly, Worpress and Drupal.

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Making a good first impression

Over 7 billion people use the internet today, so it’s essential for all businesses from start-ups to multi-nationals to have their own websites, and people now expect it. Your website will more than likely act as your first point of contact with potential customers. So, it’s important to leave a good first impression of credibility and competence. You can achieve this with a professionally designed website that functions properly and looks pleasing to the eye.

The good, the bad and the ugly

For every successfully built business website, which functions perfectly well and looks professional, there is an inefficient and amateur looking one.

  • Some of these websites makes your eyes water and hurt just by looking at them, with their garish colours or light text on dark or black backgrounds.
  • Some have arcane and obscure menus; can anyone really be bothered to attempt to navigate a site like that?
  • Some landing pages are packed full of confusing and irrelevant images. What does your business do again?
  • Other sites have landing pages where they have attempted to cram in as much as possible including embedded media and as many typefaces, banners and colours as possible. Help! Information overload, where is that back button?
  • Then we have walls of text (yawn). If you do have a lot to say, at least break it down with headers, attractive images and icons!
  • Then there are the pop-ups that have no obvious X close button. Why would you want to sign up to someone’s news letter when you’ve been on their site for less than ten seconds? Even worse are the “Are you sure you want to leave?”pop-ups. Yes, that’s why you chose to navigate off their page! Although some bloggers and internet marketers swear by these tactics, anecdotal evidence suggests that most people find them a huge turn off!

So, now you have seen a collection of some of some of the worst sites of 2013, you know what to avoid. In fact, it’s interesting to note that most of those bizarre offerings were designed and built by professionals. A lot of people are tempted to cram as many sophisticated features as possible into their websites, but in reality, they don’t actually need them.

Breaking the rules

Naturally, there are some very cool and quirky sites with experimental designs and navigation. If you are after something like that, definitely hire a professional!

Choosing the right website designer

It’s highly advisable to choose your website designer carefully and look through their portfolio, and then ask other people if they’ve been happy with the service they have received. The outlay may be a few hundred pounds for a good quality website, but it will represent you and your brand online in the best possible light. It can be updated and it will serve you well for many years to come.

Why cheap doesn’t always equal value for money

Can’t I just hire someone from one of those bidding sites; I’ve heard they are really cheap? Well, that’s fine if you want to risk dealing with someone you don’t know and you can’t meet in person for a proper consultation. However, you should really be thinking in terms of building a relationship with your website designer. Find someone you can communicate with well. So, in short; it’s highly advisable to search for reputable website designers in your local area.

This is an investment for your business and a good site will add instant credibility to your business. Enhance your brand and this could very well help increase sales. Remember that old adage, “buy cheap, buy twice”!

Final thoughts

You may be hell-bent on having white text on a shocking pink background. However, when your website designer suggests a different layout, colour scheme or navigation, it’s because they have a wealth of experience in the field and they have come to learn what works and what doesn’t. They possess the key to the knowledge of web design best (and worst) practices.
Hiring a professional will help you to achieve the professional web presence you need, as well as making for a pleasant experience for your visitors.